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Why I do need this plug-in?

December 6, 2008

The short version answer: because Eclipse does have issues in the refactoring of “partial” JSP files. Eclipse does a wonderful job providing great refactoring tools but, unfortunately, at least until the Ganymede’s latest release, partial JSP files aren’t take into consideration when you do rename a method. I do consider the rename refactoring the simplest refactoring in the Eclipse umbrella: it takes one method name and do a dumb string substitution in the whole project by another method name, simple as that.

Apartial JSP file is any file without the jsp file extension used with a <%@ include> or with a <jsp:include>.






Welcome Home

December 1, 2008

The first post nobody forget. To me is easier mostly because THIS is my first post. Not much to say – sunday night, almost time to go to bed and start to annoy my wife with my complains about her poor choice of channel (she stays changing channels and it’s worst when she stops since most of times she stops on one of that stupid american reallity dammed shows).

And she don’t know why I do prefer to stay on my computer (nope, I’m not jerking me off okay?). I’m only trying to figure out how to use this darned thing …